Work underway on PFI team offices

By a County Press reporter

Thursday, January 31, 2013


WORK to transform the former Southern Water depot in Newport into the Island Roads offices is well underway.

The 'eco friendly’ new build at 42 Daish Way will not only house the Island Roads PFI teams, but will include a new state of the art CCTV control centre, an operations 'hub’ and a permanent visitor centre.

Primary school children across the Isle of Wight are being encouraged to come up with a name for the building.

Paul Herbert, service director, said: "We are asking for ideas for names, either in a poster format with a design or simply to suggest a name, by February 15, which can be turned into a design, then converted into a sign to hang on the outside of the main reception.

"We are keen to further work in partnership with all Island schools and are currently developing a programme of school visits for 2013 and beyond to ensure that young people are engaged with and informed about the changes coming to their area, as well as career opportunities open to them for the future."

Representatives from the winning school will be invited to attend a launch event for the building, when a prize will be awarded for the winning entry.


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by Jake Gully

1st February 2013, at 22:19:52

Complete Tosh - it may be relatively less environmentally damaging than the planned Asphalt Plant. It may on completion look modern and clean. Perhaps it might even win the architect a design award. However, 'eco friendly' it is not, nor will it ever be.

Good to see IWCP upholding the standards of journalism!

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by G Day

1st February 2013, at 09:31:11

It's a 'roads' PFI. Polluting machines drive on roads. You can use the word 'eco' as much as you like but at the end of the day there's not much about it that is going to be 'green'.

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by Valerie Ching

1st February 2013, at 00:54:27

More importantly. I do wonder why when PFI deals have proven to be found unsustainable and therefore any new ones have been shied away from all around the country, that the IW council almost alone is keen to pursue this course for the roads. 25 years is a long time to lock in future councils especially when many councillors who took this decision to hand on this poisoned chalice now tell us they are headed for the exit door before the council elections this May.

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by Valerie Ching

1st February 2013, at 00:29:37

Lots of people on the Island also would love more public trees (lava) to be located around the island for use of residents and locals I'm told

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by Don Prescott

31st January 2013, at 18:11:45

I love trees. They absorb harmful gasses. On that basis, we should plant dozens around the Egoisland Hub and Gurnard.

What I find reproachful is the constant attempts to brainwash the public into believing wishful thinking predictions as facts.
Like when THE Department of Energy and Climate Change (Used to be known as Global Warming, but proved false) state publicly last week that ONLY 5 people nationally signed up for the Green Deal Scam, yet Green says 2 days later that the weight of inquiries about Green Deal crashed their server!!
Who to believe? Rayban or DECC? Hmmn, thats a no brainer!

Now we have the Roads PFI, whose business is tarmac, that well known eco-friendly substance wanting to ensure that young people are informed about the changes coming.
Well I can do that.
There will be hundreds of "new homes", that nobody wants, a ruddy great supermarket, traffic jams and NO JOBS!

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by Patrick Hall

31st January 2013, at 18:03:30

@Mike Crowe, Cheaper is not always better. @yan yan, it was Isle of Wight County Council plus Medina Borough Council and South Wight Borough Council before the unitary authority took over, and most if not all decisions were put to the vote, not delegated to an individual.

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by Mike Crowe

31st January 2013, at 16:38:20

Don do you think there will be any trees outside to hug? (or is that old hat like the Rubicks Cube and the Hula Hoop?)

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by Don Prescott

31st January 2013, at 15:28:27

Oooh! Another "eco friendly" building. Goody!
Will they be applying for the Green Deal too?
Maybe they can get the lovely David Green to put it on his "Speaking at" list.
It also has the now compulsory "Hub" like Egoisland.
Amazing how they can't do without a "Hub" nowadays.
Does anyone want to borrow one off my bike?
And if it rains, I have some old "hub" caps from a 1989 Cortina!
Does a "permanent visitor centre" mean that visitors have to stay there forever and if they do, do they have to listen to Jayasundra wittering on about how this will be "good for the island" as well as his bank balance?
Or has he gone now?
"Eco", "Hubs", "Visitor centre"?
Would it be possible for the CP to cut out the bull effluent that tony refers to in any future reports?
NO! Don't be silly! They LOVE the "eco" bull!

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by Mike Crowe

31st January 2013, at 15:23:12

Wight's Black Hole ?

Money Sponge Towers ?

Shangri la ?

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by Mike Crowe

31st January 2013, at 14:33:18

Patrick, once upon a time everything, well almost everything was done by the Local District and the IOW Councils. A lot is now put out to outside contractors. Why? Because they can do it cheaper than the Isle of Wight County Council. Is that not an admission of bad management?

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