KIND pensioners have bought dozens of teddy bears for sick children being taken to hospital by ambulance.

Members of Bourne End Townswomen's Guild, who are aged between 60 and 80, made the teddies for the ambulance service at High Wycombe.

Guild member Barbara Taylor thought of the idea after she was taken to hospital in an ambulance in February.

The bears were already half finished at that time, but she offered them to the staff as she was so pleased with their help.

The ambulance staff plan to keep some of the 64 soft toys in their vehicle for when they pick up a child.

Cynthia Houchin, 69, who lives in Bourne End and is a member of the guild, said: "It gives the children something to cuddle. It's a frightening time for the little ones.

"We have also made little bags for them to keep the teddy in to keep it clean."

She added: "We thought it would be a nice idea to do some knitting for children in Romania but we thought charity starts at home.

"We are only a small guild and financially we have a job in keeping our heads above water, so we are not able to give to charity but it is something we can do that is easy and we enjoy doing it.

"We do have some good knitters, some can do one a night."

Colin Wray, is an ambulance technician at High Wycombe ambulance station, which is based in West End Street, High Wycombe.

He said he was delighted the ladies had knitted the bears.

He said: "It is a great idea for a child in torment. My kids always had a little chew-rag when they were upset, so I am sure children will love the teddies."